Awoco Elegant 2 Speeds Commercial Indoor Air Curtains with Magnetic Door Switch - Alloy Case

FM-35xxL/Y-M Series

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  • Elegant FM 35 Series, 2 speeds of operation.
  • Air curtain is NOT an air conditioner.
  • Dedicated 2 wires for 12VDC Magnetic Door Switch connection. Low voltage doesn't require hard wired.
  • Best for commercial, residential application and quiet area
  • Voltage: 110V-120V 60Hz.
  • UL Certified

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Awoco Professional Air Curtains

  • Air curtain is NOT an air conditioner. Air curtain is a powerful fan that forcing a high speed air stream over the entrance to isolate the interior and exterior air environment. It consumes less energy than an air conditioner.

  • 2 speeds of operation, a HI/LO/OFF switch to select High/Low speed.

  • Dedicated 2 wires for 12VDC Magnetic Door Switch connection. Low voltage doesn't require hard wired.

  • Motor: Adopting the technology of German electrical machinery, it runs smoothly with reduced low noise. Fan Wheel: German electrical machinery design, made of high-tech ABS, powerful wind-force

  • Optimized electrical machinery, reliable and safe runs for 5,000 consecutive hours.

  • Air curtains are widely installed at the entrances of supermarket, theater, hotel, food storage warehouse, residential, etc.

  • It keeps the flying insects out and keeps conditioned air inside, reduces energy costs. 

  • It is required to have an extra 2" of clearance from the ceiling for top air inlet.

  • Why magnetic switch is better than micro switch?
    - The traditional mechanical plunger micro switch has to be installed accurately for the door panel or bracket push the rod on the switch, it has wear and tear issue for long time use. The 110VAC high voltage directly applies on the micro switch will cause sparks inside the micro switch which lower the life of usage too.
    - The magnetic switch is much easier for installation, no restriction on the types of the door or windows. 12VDC low voltage on the magnetic switch connection is much safer, no hard wired required. And no mechanical touch for longer usage.


2 Speeds of Operation

Slim Body, Light Weight

High Efficiency Motor, Fan Wheel

2 Speeds of Operation

- High speed: powerful air flow for high entrance, max performance, and keep the fly out.

- Low speed: to save on energy consumption, best for quiet area, regular entrance or drive-thru window.

- Air Flow: Super Power FM-15 series is 50% more than Elegant FM-35 series. Slim FM-12 series is 25% more than Elegant FM-35 series.

Anti-Erosive Protective Slim Body

- Fireproof & anti-erosive powder coated metal case, easy to clean slim body. Specially designed metal grille allows better air circulation.

- Lighter weight compared with other brands' products.

High End German Electrical Machinery

- Motor: adopting the technology of German electrical machinery, it runs smoothly with reduced low noise.

- Fan wheel: made of high-tech ABS, powerful wind-force.

Please contact Awoco support team to get replacement parts for shipping damage.

Micro Door Switch

220x220_air_inlet 35 series.jpg

Easy Installation

Magnetic Door Switch

- A 12VDC magnetic door switch is included for the 2), 3) & 5) series.

- It is very easy to install, no bracket needed, nor hard wired for low voltage.

- It is strongly recommended for sliding or both-way swing doors and any tiny installation area.

Front vs Top Air Inlet

- Front Air Inlet for FM-12 & FM-15 series, the air curtain can be installed right under the ceiling.

- FM-12 series is very slim to fit in as tiny as 8.9" high.

Easy Installation

- Dedicated 2 yellow wires for magnetic door switch, easy to understand the wiring connection. Automatically turn on the air curtain when door is open.

- Removable mounting plate for easy and secure installation before hanging up the air curtain.

- Add a wooden/metal frame if installation area is not accessible.

Model Dimensions (inch) Voltage Power (W) Air speed (FPM) Noise (dB) Air volume (CFM) Net weight
L W H (V/Hz) Hi Lo Hi Lo Hi Lo Hi Lo (Lb)
FM-3509-L/Y-M (36") 35-1/2" 8-1/2" 9-1/4" 110~120V
300 270 3150 2559 52 49 907 742 28.7
FM-3510-L/Y-M (42") 42" 320 300 52 49 989 824 30.9
FM-3512-L/Y-M (48") 47-1/4" 400 360 53 50 1236 989 34.2
FM-3515-L/Y-M (60") 59" 500 470 55 52 1566 1236 44.1


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Awoco FM35xx-M Air Curtain

Awoco FM35xx-M Air Curtain Manual

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