Awoco Easy-Install 12VDC Magnetic Door Switch (MAG-SW)


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[Easy-Install] - Just attach them to the middle-top of the door and door frame close together.
[How Many Doors?] - For double doors, you will need an extra magnetic switch. (The Awoco air curtain only comes with 1 magnetic switch for 1 door)
[Power] - 12VDC ONLY, NOT FOR 110VAC. Used with Awoco Magnetic Switch Controlled Circuit.
[Awoco Air Curtain] - Not for other brand Air Curtain to replace the micro switch unless using Awoco magnetic switch controlled circuit.
Normally open when two magnetic pieces close together.

Why choosing Awoco Products?
Awoco high quality product reputation and supreme customer service is a guarantee. Free parts, repair or exchange within warranty.

Why magnetic switch is better than plunger switch?
The traditional mechanical plunger micro switch has to be installed accurately to trigger the plunger. It might be damaged easily by a door slamming. 120V directly applied on the micro switch will cause sparks built up.
However, the magnetic switch installation is very easy as connecting to the dedicated 2 wires. Magnetic switch works easily with any kinds of doors and windows, even the door isn’t closed fully. It is very easy to install, no restriction on the types of the doors or windows. No mechanical touch for longer usage.