Awoco Magnetic Switch Controlled Circuit (120V 15A) (Magnetic Circuit)

Magnetic Circuit

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If you have a hard time to install a conventional mechanical plunger micro door switch for your air curtain, please get this circuit kit to convert it to be magnetic switch controlled.
Note: not for all models of air curtains. Such as remote controlled, high powered, nor 3 phases power input, etc.

  • Convert the 120VAC switch controlled air curtain or appliance to be 12VDC magnetic switch controlled.
  • 120VAC 15A max or 1800W max, single phase only.
  • Not for all models of air curtains, such as remote controlled nor 3 phase high powered, please review it carefully before buying.
  • Recommend to be installed by a licensed electrical technician. Not responsible for any damage caused from miswired or shorted.
  • Patent pending. 3 pieces included: circuit board, magnetic switch and metal cover.