How does an Air Curtain work?

What is an Air Curtain?

Air curtain is a powerful fan that creates an invisible high speed air barrier over any exterior entrances blocking 90% of heat, cold air, dirt, dust and flying insects from entering. Air curtains are widely installed at any exterior entrances (including doors, warehouse, supermarket, restaurant, office, home, stores, front entrances, patio entrances and drive-thru windows. They are best for commercial and residential applications because they provide many different benefits.


How do Air Curtains work?

Once the air curtain is powered on , air is brought into the unit through the intake. The air then enters the fan housing and is accelerated by the fan. The fast-moving air goes into a plenum, which allows for an even distribution of air along the full length of the discharge nozzle. Airfoil-shaped vanes in the nozzle create a uniform air stream with minimal turbulence. The air discharged through the nozzle creates a jet stream to the floor. Approximately 80% of the air returns to the intake side of the air curtain, and 20% goes in the opposite direction.       

Why Should I get an Air Curtain?

Air curtains have a wide variety of benefits listed below. One of the main benefits is isolating the interior and exterior environments and maintaining temperature separation. This gives us the ability to reduce energy cost while the doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed. Having an air curtain will provide a cleaner and more sanitary environment because it blocks 90% of the heat, cold air, dirt, dust and flying insects from entering.

What are the Benefits from having an Air Curtain?

  • Food service.

  • Reduce energy cost.

  • Increased in safety.

  • Maintain employee/customer comfort.

  • Superior sanitation inhibits microorganism growth.

  • Block the entry of dust, smoke and flying insects.

  • Isolate the interior and exterior air environment and maintain temperature separation. 

  • Increased productivity due to stable temperatures.

  • Maintain usable space around the door.

  • Elimination of ice and fog in cold storage areas.