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Amazing difference in my Bar/Restaurant. It is quickly becoming a hot one in Alabama. During the Winter (fall anywhere else) my AC system was fine, even in a packed house we got up to the most 79 degrees by the end of a night in extreme conditions. Starting at 72 degrees at beginning of night. Two Saturdays ago it became hot outside, we went from 72 degrees to 88 by the end of the night, it was cooler outside at 78 degrees. This past weekend it was going to be 90 outside and it was, but I ordered two Awoco 1200 CFM Door curtains, one for the front and back door. We installed them both in about 2 hours, one attached to security bars, one attached to concrete block, no issues at all. The weekend came with its 90 degree weather. We went from 72degrees to 75degrees at end of night. Saturday was even busier and about 92 outside. We went from 73degrees to 77degrees that night. These things work! It saved my business. I would have lost customers and sales but my customers stayed cool. These things are moderately loud but in a Bar environment they are hardly noticeable.

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This my second air curtain I have bought from this company. The door sensor is on point. The noise is barely noticable. My purpose was to keep the cold air in during the summer and the cozy warm air in the winter. Our restaurant Rye's Bar is an old Farm house, everyday even after 30 years of ownership we are still adding and looking to keep our customers comfortable. I will be ordering another one for our kitchen entrance. The price along with built of this product is what had me buy two and soon another one. YOU Can't go wrong!!!

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The air curtain works great for my barber shop. I was having a hard time keeping the building cool with the constant opening and closing of the door... along with all the body heat from everyone in the building. My temp was set at 68 degrees and would easily climb to 80 degrees 1/2 way thru the day. Installed the air curtain about 2 weeks ago and my building has not gotten above 70 degrees. It works well with keeping the hot air from coming in every time the door opens!

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